Equitable Pay Surcharge


With the recent increase in the Denver Minimum Wage and the tax plan that our current administration has implemented, it’s become even more difficult for independent restaurants to operate.  Rather than raising our menu prices to combat these increases, we have added an O&F Equitable Pay Surcharge. Beginning February 3, 2020, we will be implementing a 5% surcharge on every check. This surcharge will be used to allow us to not only pay our teams competitive wages but also maintain sustainability within the hospitality industry.

We know many people will ask, “Why don’t you just raise your prices? Our response is that we are, in fact, raising our prices, albeit in a more specifically calculated way that will allow us to remain competitive in the marketplace.

 For small restaurants that don’t want to sacrifice craft or integrity in order to serve the communities they love, we believe this is a fair, effective, and sustainable approach. Our hope is that by making compensation more equitable, we are cultivating a team of employees that feel valued and respected.  We support our local community and partners, and our Olive & Finch family. 

You’ll feel and taste the difference!  

We thank you for your understanding and support.


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